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Jul 21 '13


Wowee omg you guys are awesome ahhh! I never thought I’d get 1000 followers on this site dang wow omg I CAN’T MAN I CAN’T. So as thanks I’m doing a give away!!!

First Place Gets:

  • Two 3DS Games of your choice…total must be under $80(most new games are 39.99 each). You can pick games that have already been released or are currently in Pre-order! (Pokemon X and Y, Legend of Zelda a Link Between Two worlds…or anything else you want that is in pre-order.)
  • A flat colour digital drawing/gouache painting(I will ship it to you!) by me of anything you want! Wowee

Second Prize Gets:

  • $25 iTunes or Google Play gift card!
  • A coloured sketch by me of anything you want (digital only)

Third Prize

  • A pizza….I’m sorry im broke sob but at least u can eat a really good pizza from like pizza hut or dominos or something

Woo yeah!! Awesome!! But hey there are some rules so here u go


  • You don’t need to be following me, but since this is thanks to my followers…it would be cool if you did!
  • Winners are picked at random through a number generator
  • Reblogs count, but likes don’t. You can reblog as many times as you like! But don’t make a reblog/giveaway blog to cheat I will be mad.
  • Pre-orders will be done through Amazon.com, and be mailed physically to you. However, if you pick a game that has already been released, we can probably work out a way to have it digitally downloaded if you prefer c:
  • Games will be in US or Europe region code, so if you live in Europe you can enter too! But if you live someplace other than that I don’t think I can place an order for you, sorry :c Pizza and gift cards are US only srry. If you don’t live in the US and come in second or third i’ll paypal you the amount and you can buy them yourself or….spend it on whatever else haha
  • Keep your ask box open!! That’s how I’ll contact you. If its not open or I don’t get a response from the winner after 7 days, I will pick a new winner.


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Pepsi Party Monsters (1991)

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